December 16, 2010

Seat L3on2049 - Clay Model photos

Here are some previously unpublished photos of the clay model of my project developet at Seat Design Centre in Barcelona.

Phase 1: unfortunately there are no photos of the inicial phase of clay modelling. A basic 3D model was developed and milled on the clay.

Phase 2: after milling was finished, it was evident that it needed work, so I started making changes on the right side of the model, leaving the left side with its original shape.

Phase 3: after all changes were made, the shutlines were defined and we took the model to the paintshop for primer.

Phase 4: matte paint was chosen to simulate aerodynamic micro recesses (like a golf ball) and to give the car a more "product design" feel.
finished clay model photos

November 4, 2010

August 17, 2010

Alfa Romeo SZ

I couldn't resist to reinterpret the design of one of my all-time favourites, the Alfa Romeo SZ -- The Monster that disappointed almost every car design critic but managed to shape Alfa Romeo's design guidelines so strongly that its influence can still be detected to this day.

So let me share my first sketch of my SZ with you. Hope you like it! :)

July 20, 2010

Seat IB roadster

Here is the  ibroadster, my latest project.

What started out as a mere sketch excercise became a stand-alone design with its own process.

The IBr is a two-seater with agressive/dynamic lines. Some of the design features are consistent with Seat's attitude, like the arrowface and the dynamic line. The triangular shaped headlights with a divided solid are inspired by the IBe Concept.
The top has a black glossy finish to accentuate the body's stance.

The rear also reveals some Seat features -- the design of the taillights are a reinterpretation of that of the Ibiza's and the IBZ concept. The Arrowface feature is repeated, giving shape to the rear bumper.

June 30, 2010

a teaser

this is a little something I'm working on. More to come very soon. ;)

April 9, 2010


Another entry for a Local Motors competition, this time for the Pacific NW. The theme of the competition was "Pacific Motors: thrive in the elements".

The Element-C is a 4WD SUV with the stance of a Coupé. The DLO stretches from the A-pillar all the way to the back, accentuating the fast roof and tail of the body. Insipired by the Rally Fighter, the LM Line can be recognized along the side, and is then reinterpreted and used for the shape of the shoulder line.

The key feature of the Element-C is the totally convertible panoramic roof. If it's cold outside, but sunny, one can turn off the electronic opacification of the roof. However, if one wants to enjoy the pleasant air outside, the roof can fold completely to the front and the rear window to the back, tucked away inside the tailgate. For the ultimate outdoor experience, the rear seats rise just enough to look above roof and the tailgate can be used as a shading screen.

And because no driving experience is complete without sustainability, the Element-C has a Bio-diesel/electric hybrid engine; its structure and bodywork are made of lightweight (assuring 30% more mileage) recycled materials. Its interior has also eco-friendly features: the upholstery is made of recycled leather residue and the whole cockpit is lined with foam impregnated with micro-encapsulated Phase Change Materials - if interior temperature drops below the comfort zone, PCM's will release heat; and if it becomes too hot, that heat will be absorbed so that temperature peaks are supressed, saving energy.

Here is a sketch with doors open. Because it's a large door, it's better to open in like that than in a conventional way. A section of the body also opens for extra storage space, just above the taillights.

 The Four Elements were missing the Fifth... the Element-C. ;)

The SnowRaptor

This is my entry for the Local Motors - Alaska Motors competition.

The Snow Raptor is built to cope with all kinds of terrain and conditions. It has two modes of operation: in normal mode, it works as an off-road vehicle, with suspension arms with variable height, to achieve maximum possible speed; in Glider mode, the front wheelarches are inverted and used as skis under the front wheels while the thread of the rear wheels expand to maximize grip in snow powder or ice.
For best performance, driver and co-pilot positions are displaced to give the driver a better view of surroundings and a narrower cockpit. Its glazed surface that goes from front to back is equipped with PV cells and a solar concentrator membrane that intensifies sun light, thus optimizing battery recharging.

Beware of the Snow Raptor. This is where weak racing cars are separated from deadly winning machines. ;)

March 12, 2010

L3on2049 - work in progress

Good experiences always make you want to relive them, from time to time.

I'm working on the interior of my Leon 2049, while perfecting the 3D model that was constructed from the clay model. This way I will be able to explain the concept more clearly. Particularly the way the deformable cockpit works, and how it changes between the three mod3s.

For now, this is more of a teaser than anything else. More to come soon...

February 9, 2010

Seat Wtcc

Since the end of my internship at Seat Design Center I have been trying to ignore the thoughts in my head.

Sure I loved my Seat W -- after all, it won the 4th Seat / Automagazine Design Contest and it got me a 6 month intership, an experience I will never forget.
But everytime I looked at it, I felt an urge to change a detail here, there... but since it was nothing completely coherent I turned my attention to other things, other cars.

So I kept pushing this back into some postponing corner of my mind.
Until I could no more.

Well, I ended up changing a lot more I was expecting.
...and to think that it all started with the sentence "I should design nicer wheelarches for my Seat W"

The result is the Seat W.... TCC. A modified version of the Seat W, to be driven by Tiago Monteiro in the wtcc challenge. ;)

Of course comparing the original with the modified version was inevitable.
Main differences are in the brutally wide wheelarches, the front bumper and the wheels, in which the cover was removed to reveal the brake disc behind the orange spokes.
Racing interior was also designed and a spoiler was added as well as an intercooler grille on the hood.
All with Seat racing colours.

And here are some "photos" of Tiago Monteiro driving it. :)

January 21, 2010

SEAT W paper model

Here's a treat for all you paper model fans (me included).
I decided to make a 1:24 scale paper model of my winning design, the SEAT W.
Have fun! Feel free to post feedback!

Read all about the SEAT W here.