February 9, 2010

Seat Wtcc

Since the end of my internship at Seat Design Center I have been trying to ignore the thoughts in my head.

Sure I loved my Seat W -- after all, it won the 4th Seat / Automagazine Design Contest and it got me a 6 month intership, an experience I will never forget.
But everytime I looked at it, I felt an urge to change a detail here, there... but since it was nothing completely coherent I turned my attention to other things, other cars.

So I kept pushing this back into some postponing corner of my mind.
Until I could no more.

Well, I ended up changing a lot more I was expecting.
...and to think that it all started with the sentence "I should design nicer wheelarches for my Seat W"

The result is the Seat W.... TCC. A modified version of the Seat W, to be driven by Tiago Monteiro in the wtcc challenge. ;)

Of course comparing the original with the modified version was inevitable.
Main differences are in the brutally wide wheelarches, the front bumper and the wheels, in which the cover was removed to reveal the brake disc behind the orange spokes.
Racing interior was also designed and a spoiler was added as well as an intercooler grille on the hood.
All with Seat racing colours.

And here are some "photos" of Tiago Monteiro driving it. :)