November 18, 2008

2005 - Seat Muxía 4WD

1st Seat/Automagazine Design Contest - 3rd Prize
Theme: "auto-emoción"


Located in northern Spain, in the region of Galicia, the city of Muxía has an environment that can be best described as rough. The landscape, dominated by the rock formation, called “Costa da Morte” (the “Coast of Death”), exhales an inhospitable and yet majestic ambiance, hence its nickname “The Wind’s Girlfriend”.

The Seat Muxía 4WD is autochthonous creature, moulded by the harshness of its own environment. The raw and coarse way with which it moves, balanced by lightness and ease, makes it an animal perfectly adapted to its habitat.

To meet its attitude, the new Seat Muxía 4WD has been drawn with strong and simple lines, yet melted into fluent form.

The windshield stretches from the middle to the nose of the vehicle, allowing its two occupants to have a panoramic and intimate view of the road ahead.

Access to the inside is made rotating the whole front section of the body.
The engine is located in the back and delivers power to an all-wheel drivetrain.

Award Ceremony

The Award Ceremony took place at a dinner party during the Moda Lisboa, in which we had a chance to chat with Luc Donckerwolke, then a recent adition to Seat, leaving behind Lamborghini and his beautiful creation, the Gallardo.

In the first photo - Marcelo Aguiar, Ricardo Figueiroa (the winner) e Nelson Simões (2nd prize), who won the next Seat/Automagazine contest.

2nd photo, me receving the award from Luc Donckerwolke. A great moment.
(photos taken from Automagazine, n.º 163 Dez. 2005)

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