November 18, 2008

2007 - Peugeot Grasshopper

4th Peugeot Design Contest
Theme: "P.L.E.A.S.E innovate:
Pleasurable (to drive)

"Re-invent the ‘Drive of Your Life’, Peugeot style and drive it the XBOX 360 VIRTUAL world!"

The Peugeot Grasshopper is an all-road sports two-seater with electric engines, one located on each wheel.

The main feature of the Grasshopper is its 'back legs':
The standard mode (the vehicle's original shape) can be used for high speed and normal parking.
The legs can also make the rear wheels reatract, forcing the whole vehicle into an 'up-right' position, particularly useful for efficient parking and slow speed.
For turning, the front section of the vehicle tilts left and right, making it possible to turn.

In an XBOX game contest, the back-legs can make the car 'leap' or 'crouch'.

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