November 17, 2008

2004 - Peugeot Lynx

2nd Peugeot Design Contest
Theme: design the Peugeot of your dreams

Also known as the Desert Lynx, the Caracal is a powerful medium-sized cat with long legs that weighs up to 70 kg, stands about 50 cetimeters at the shoulder and has an overall body length of about 1,3 meters.
It is able to take down and kill prey species over twice its body weight.
Normally active in the late day, and throughout the night, the caracal hunts rodents, birds, reptiles and other small mammals which make up most to the diet.

It runs like a cheetah, and can leap 2 meters into the air to knock down birds.

The design of the new Peugeot Lynx is inspired by the image of the Caracal, which is visible at first through the shape of the headlights - its eyes have a narrow black line that runs from the corner of the eye to the nose; as well as the rear-view camera holder that stretch along the high density glass roof - the Caracal's long and narrow ears tipped with long black tufts of black hair.
Furthermore, the strong-bodied attitude of the Peugeot Lynx and its curved body sides resemble a Caracal dashing off at high speed to hunt the prey.

The Peugeot Lynx has an agressive two-tone body paint in black and white that brings the visual weight of the design closer to the ground yet unites the design of the car and fragments it at the same time, making the whole seem lighter and more elegant.

The new Peugeot Lynx is a four-seater compact single-volume vehicle with an overall lenght of 4,45 meters and a wheelbase of 2,60 meters. Its height is 1,80 meters and it has a maximum height of 2,75 meters with doors open.

There are no conventional rear-view mirrors. Instead, the Lynx is equipped with three high-resolution cameras: two are located in each camera holder on each side of the car, on the glass roof; and one in the back, concealed behind a small strip of dark glass, above the word "Peugeot". The three images are then combined and displayed in the upper dashboard screen as a single panoramic image. The third stop light is placed in the recess of the hood, between the rear lights, emphasizing the difference between the two tones of the body.

Connected to an automatic sequential gearbox operated from the steering wheel, a hybrid gas/electric engine is located in the back of the car, delivering clean power to its rear wheels. There is, nevertheless, boot volume above the engine and also in the front.

A single long door on each side gives access to both front and back seats, which opens first by sliding away perpendicularly from the car and then rotating upward around a pivot just above the front wheel. The lower glass section of the doors increase cockpit visibility and lightness, while stressing the agressiveness of the body design.

The interior is dark-grey plastic mixed with beige leather. The central touch sensitive LCD screen provides information concerning the Global Position of the vehicle, constant electronic monitoring of vital components, fuel and battery levels and recharging, air temperature and air conditioning functions, ambient sound, among other useful reports and options.

The Lynx Logo can be found on several spots, such as seat backs, and also in the exterior, near the front wheels.

The Peugeot of my dreams for the near future has ground-breaking design and technology, with a matching feline and agressive look.

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