August 30, 2011

R4 2.0 - Renault 4ever designboom competition entry

R4 2.0 - my Renault 4ever designboom competition entry.

The R4 2.0 was inspired by the original Renault 4, not just in design, but also in the versatility. Its main concept lines were reinterpreted in the new body design: the side line was kept as a continuous gesture harmonized with the solid parts of the body.

The new R4 2.0 body has a modular function - the rear can be changed to achieve optimum efficiency in production and vehicle use. One body can be used in several modes according to owner's needs.

In order to recharge its electric motors, charging stations with elevating charge pads are placed on the parking spaces so that when the R4 parks, the pad elevates to touch the receiver located in the chassis to begin charge - no cables or plugs are necessary.

The interior was also inspired by the original Renault 4 dashboard, designed as a single horizontal element. There is a fully tactile touchscreen display that can be customized according to drivers preferences. The steering wheel can be assigned to either front seat so that changing driver can be easily done, and the dashboard display inverts when new driver place is assigned.

The Rearview Merger Display located on top of the dashboard shows the images of the 3 cameras (two on the sides of the body and one in the rear window) in a single image.