February 18, 2011

UMM Attack


UMM Alter II (in wikipedia)
 The theme of the 2nd ADP Challenge was to restyle one of the legendary portuguese cars - the UMM, a very successful off-road utility vehicle. The first model came out in 1977 and was redesigned in 1985 - the UMM Alter (see picture on the left).
Although production stopped in 1996, it was not only used by private costumers but also for military purposes.
In 2000 a new redesign was attempted. Three prototypes were made, but due to internal problems, the model never made it to the market.
It is estimated that more than 10000 units were produced and the UMM is widely used in off-road practice today.

The new UMM Attack is born of passion for off-roading and for the notability of the its predecessor, the UMM Alter.
Using molded parts rather than bent steel panels, the Attack keeps the genes of the whole UMM family in its design and spirit. These are evident in unmistakable features as well as less obvious details - an off-road vehicle that actively tackles the challenges ahead.

The design of the UMM Attack is consequence of the brand's DNA. The angular-shaped hood of the Alter served as a key-feature for the body, through a chamfer on the whole length, along with the trapezoid-shaped front. All in a unified gesture deeply inspired by the Alter.
On the front, the air intake is integrated in the headlight design, leaving the rest in matte painted metal.
The chamfer end in the rear frames the tail gate, which is made with carbon-fiber. In it one can recognize the vertical windows of the Alter.

Keeping the UMM spirit alive means designing a vehicle capable of pure off-roading. The UMM Attack comes equipped with a 9500 lbs winch and two Snorkels integrated in the A-Pillar, because the best defense is a good offense.

ADP is Automotive Design Portugal. It was founded in 2010 to bring together all portuguese car design enthusiasts, students and professionals.
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