June 7, 2016

M-Zero - India's First Hybrid Sports Car by Mean Metal Motors - Concept 2

This is my work as Head of Design for Mean Metal Motors.

A special thank you to André Costa, Kshitij Srivastava, Harshit Srivastava, Sudeep Thangiah, Yugal Tandel and of course Sarthak Paul, founder of Mean Metal Motors, for the amazing energy, dedication and dynamics. I'm very proud to be Head of Design of this team.

While the general stance had to convey a more muscular attitude, attention was also turned to details that would strengthen the uniqueness of the design.
The LED signatures, both front and rear, were designed in a way that would make the car stand out.
The front headlights house the only existing front intakes, which were pushed to the sides, away from the centre.
Also the side air intakes and the “side wings” that stretched from the rocker to the roof contributed to a less common presence.

Other design features, such as the rear outlets, played an important role, as they defined the general attitude of the car.
The exhaust outlets were placed on the shoulders and were designed together with the engine heatsink outlets on the boot, present in the modelling phase.