November 18, 2008

2006 - Seat Hyperspace

2nd Seat/Automagazine Design Contest
Theme: "Lifestyle"

Hyperspace (noun) : dimension where conventional spatio-temporal relations do not apply.

The new Seat Hyperspace opens the doors to a new dimension in automotive design.

In nowadays, our attitude in life can vary rather frequently, making it hard for a car to meet demands that are constantly changing, according to the situation we face.

The Hyperspace has a powerful hybrid fuel/electric engine, and is shaped with agressive and flowing lines, to meet the need for power and speed. However, it can lock both rear and front doors to become a single door which can be opened upwards and rearrange the seats, transforming the interior in a kind of deck, for leisure and family.
The completely glazed roof maximizes the interior and can be opened, if a convertible is desired.

Hyperspace is all about opening to serveral dimensions, regardless of the present time and space.
The doors of the Hyperspace normally open from the center...
... but can also open upwards, creating a kind of "deck cover"

the glazed roof can retract completely in the back, turning the Hyperspace into a leisure-oriented car.

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