December 16, 2010

Seat L3on2049 - Clay Model photos

Here are some previously unpublished photos of the clay model of my project developet at Seat Design Centre in Barcelona.

Phase 1: unfortunately there are no photos of the inicial phase of clay modelling. A basic 3D model was developed and milled on the clay.

Phase 2: after milling was finished, it was evident that it needed work, so I started making changes on the right side of the model, leaving the left side with its original shape.

Phase 3: after all changes were made, the shutlines were defined and we took the model to the paintshop for primer.

Phase 4: matte paint was chosen to simulate aerodynamic micro recesses (like a golf ball) and to give the car a more "product design" feel.
finished clay model photos


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in your profile.
one question!
how did you paint your clay model?check foil?film?3M DiNoc?

marcelo aguiar said...

None of the above ;)
dinoc was actually used during modelling to test how reflections were working -- you can see in the 2nd image, top-left, there is dinoc film applied on the rear bulges of the car.
The painiting took place in the Centre's paintshop. It was finished with matte varnish.
Hope it helped. :)