January 21, 2010

SEAT W paper model

Here's a treat for all you paper model fans (me included).
I decided to make a 1:24 scale paper model of my winning design, the SEAT W.
Have fun! Feel free to post feedback!

Read all about the SEAT W here.


kozyablo said...

Hi all!
I like SEAT!!! and also papercraft!
I've got ibiza SC 1.6. Orange one. This is awesome and wonderful car!

I made papercraft SEAT W =) It looks cool! THANKS for this model!

marcelo aguiar said...

Hi kozyablo!
I'm very glad you liked the model! Thanks!
I like paper models, too, and I'll try to make more models of my other projects! ;)
The ibiza sc is a great car. Good choice!

kozyablo said...

Come on! I will collect them all! =) you're a very interesting designer!
Maybe you'll try to make Ibiza ;) I hope so.