April 9, 2010

The SnowRaptor

This is my entry for the Local Motors - Alaska Motors competition.

The Snow Raptor is built to cope with all kinds of terrain and conditions. It has two modes of operation: in normal mode, it works as an off-road vehicle, with suspension arms with variable height, to achieve maximum possible speed; in Glider mode, the front wheelarches are inverted and used as skis under the front wheels while the thread of the rear wheels expand to maximize grip in snow powder or ice.
For best performance, driver and co-pilot positions are displaced to give the driver a better view of surroundings and a narrower cockpit. Its glazed surface that goes from front to back is equipped with PV cells and a solar concentrator membrane that intensifies sun light, thus optimizing battery recharging.

Beware of the Snow Raptor. This is where weak racing cars are separated from deadly winning machines. ;)

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