November 16, 2011

Semog Hawk - winner of the 3rd ADP Design Challenge

My Semog Hawk has won 1st prize in the 3rd ADP Design Challenge, in partnership with Semog, a top class portuguese manufacturer of kartcross and other racing vehicles.

The new Semog kartcross was inspired by the Hawk - light, agile, but powerful and agressive at the same time. The "wings" that stretch along the body of the Semog Hawk are the main feature that separate the lower from the upper section, lending lightness and visual dynamics to the design, simulating the flight of the bird of prey.
The air intakes, on the sides and on top, also add movement and horizontal tendency to the whole.

The Semog Hawk has a door that includes a section of the body to ease pilot ingress/egress. It also comes with a rear wing for better aerodynamic performance.

A big Thank You to Semog and ADP, who made this competition possible by coming together with a great theme!

Semog Hawk - You can run, but you cannot hide!

This whole project, as stated in the competition rules, is property of Semog.

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