November 8, 2011

ATS Chromeface

Here is my entry for the Unico Esemplare ATS competition!
The new ATS is the ATS Chromeface.

Some photos of the original ATS, the Sportcoupe
Deeply inspired by the original Sportcoupe, the ATS genes of the Chromeface are shown through the use of a chrome front mask integrating the headlights as a reminder of the original chrome bumper, which also gives the car its name, Chromeface.

Also the shoulder line, with its slope towards the rear, along with the rear wheelarch and the side air intake, defines the body of the ATS Chromeface, in a unified, coherent gesture - aggressive, powerful, yet elegant.

The rear is a slice in the body, inspired by the ATS' rear, designed to provide good aerodynamic behaviour. A rear spoiler can be fitted connecting the two 'fins' that stretch towards the rear.
The top also reveals lines of the Sportcoupe, such as the d.l.o. and the rear window.
The headlights are from the Renault Fluence and the taillights are from the Fiat Coupe, rearranged to a different position. The wheels are the 19" BBS model CH.

The Chromeface has a rear diffuser for extra downforce and stability as a standard feature, with an integrated exhaust at the centre.

The interior is inspired by a black / metal theme, with a horizontal tension. The dashboard integrates 3 circular meters, speedometer, rev-counter and temperature/fuel levels. The central console has a touchscreen display for all commands and information about the car. The steering wheel is a Momo Millenium, because of its three chrome spokes, just like the ATS Sportcoupe.

A new experience with a powerful sense of history.

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