December 12, 2016

Uniti - Ingenious Electric Car - Concept Design

Uniti is a futuristic electric city car, designed to spur the next leap forward in automotive sustainability.

This is the original concept design. The Evaluation Prototype 01 is currently under development.

The main idea behind the design is that is should convey the advanced nature of this car. Unconventional, futuristic, revolutionary, ground-breaking. One should feel these properties just by looking at it.

The Concept

Uniti is not just a practical car designed to help people in their daily life. It’s not just an electric car with zero emissions. It’s not just a small car with an optimized seating layout - it’s not just a car.
Its design silently lets you know that when you're piloting it you are part of something bigger.

The unusual roofline, big glazed surface area, the wheel coverings - every sci-fi-inspired design feature makes Uniti stand out from the crowd. It openly advertises its advanced nature and the mere fact that it’s there on the street in our ordinary world shows that its concept goes beyond technical design.

You realise it’s a creature - it’s alive and it’s just idle, dormant, waiting for you to summon it and become one with it.

The interior is a continuation of the unusualness. The Kepler Pod in the centre of the cockpit, being the "insides" of that creature, it shows a perfect balance between technical and organic - hence the strip/sheet that folds over and over to form the overall shape and house the pilot seat. A rigid shape (the sheet) folds (organic behaviour) to form the shape.
Ultimately when you sit on the Kepler Pod you become one with the creature in a deeper level.

The Kepler Por was presented at CeBIT 2016 in Hannover, with special good-natured appearance by European Commissioner Günther Oettinger. Thank you very much!

Here are some "making of" photos and of the Kepler Pod at the fair.

It's positive energy and unity that makes Uniti a reality.

And some Exterior renders.

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