June 17, 2011

FactoryFive Project 818

I am happy to share my Project for the Factory Five Design Competition with you!

The concept follows the idea of a "cover" or "protection" for a very powerful and agressive creature -- like an armour designed to conceal the power coiled inside.

Consequently, the main feature of the car is the two-tone body - glossy finish on top and matte plastic on the base. While the white body tends to have a minimalistic design, the dark plastic has strong, elaborate lines that add aggressiveness to the whole - for example, the front spoiler and the side air intakes. These features let the observer guess the real power of the beast.

The very straight lines of the white body in the rear add better aerodynamic performace.
The top can be removed as an option.
 This design is property of FactoryFive, as stated in the Competition Rules.

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